Our Financial Planning Services


Personal Risk Advice

Would you or your family be able to pay for bills such as your mortgage, or day to day expenses if you were unable to work? If you have debts and dependents it’s just as important to consider how financially prepared you are for life changing tragic events such as the unexpected death or illness of your partner or yourself.

Exactly like insuring your house or car, protecting your income, wealth and lifestyle should to be managed effectively. 123 Financial Planners will explain the process involved with developing and implementing an effective and efficient insurance plan suited to your requirements.

Financial Investment Planning

We all want to build future wealth for financial security and a comfortable lifestyle and with an overwhelming amount of investment options to choose from, investing can become pretty complex. We make sure that your investment plan uses an effective strategy to achieve your financial goals taking into consideration your personal circumstance and risk profile. 

We can show you how your hard earned dollars can start working for you and achieve your goals sooner.


Although superannuation can provide Australians with extensive benefits and tax advantages, it can be tricky to navigate all of the legal requirements. That’s why you can depend on the expertise of the financial planning team at 123 Financial Planners to steer you through all of the paperwork. With the help of your professional financial planner, you, too, can fund your retirement using this powerful tool.

Self-Managed Super Funds (SMSF)

Because self-managed super funds (SMSF) require the funds’ owner to take responsibility for their investments and their legal requirements, it’s difficult for a person without financial or legal training to know how to invest. Since you’re personally liable for the decisions made about your fund, you need a financial professional you can trust. That’s where 123 Financial Planners can help. We’ll simplify the language and show you how to cut the red tape and manage your fund like a pro. All of our advisers have their Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL). That means they’ve undergone extensive training in the laws and principles of investing. Furthermore, our team keeps up with the latest requirements by undergoing continuing education classes. If you choose to go with an SMSF, you can depend on our team to guide you through the maze of regulations to manage your fund with excellence.

Finance and Loan Services

Do you need a new car, a holiday or are you ready to buy your dream home or want to take your business to the next level? 123 Financial Planners can help you borrow the funds you need to take that next step. If you’re not ready to buy just yet, our advisers can help you get your paperwork and finances in order so when you are ready your financial situation will be too.

Debt Management Services

Our financial advisers have a strong network of lenders who can help you secure a lower interest rate and lower monthly payments, all of which can help you pay off your debt more quickly.

We can also help you find areas in which you can cut expenses and pay more on your debt each month. No matter what you owe, we can help you find a way through the maze to reduce your debt and simplify your life.


Estate Planning Services

Estate Planning is making a plan in advance to not only decide how your family wealth or assets are to be distributed once you pass away, but also who you would like to make decisions about your finances and lifestyle when you are no longer able to. Our Estate Planning Package is a solution to ensure your family wealth is kept in your family. It includes an update for your Wills, Power of Attorney, a letter of wishes and also includes a review of how to minimise tax, court costs and unnecessary legal fees. At 123 Financial Planners we work closely with a highly regarded legal firm that specialises in Estate planning to ensure that your wishes are put in place as quickly as possible. Of course we can provide the documentation for you to use your own legal advisor if preferred. Getting started is simple. Complete the below questionnaire which takes less than 10 minutes, send it back to us and we arrange the rest. We guide you through from the beginning to help make the process as easy as possible for you. QUESTIONNAIRE

Money Management Services

Have you ever found yourself living pay day through to pay day and wondering where all your money has gone, or wondering how you will find the money to pay for bills when they come in? Have you ever wished you had a savings plan in place or knew how to stick to a budget? Do you want to know how to pay off your home loan or credit card quickly? 123 Financial Planners have the tools to help you achieve your goals. We have software that will track your spending in real time. manage your budget and savings plans and report back to you in simple terms on your progress to achieving your goals. Our app also stores and tracks all your tax deductions so you don’t miss out on money back from the ATO at the end of the Financial Year. Stop wondering if this is for you – It is, and you will be amazed at how easy it is.

Retirement Planning Services

With most of us likely to spend more than a quarter of our lives in retirement it’s important to have enough money to maintain a comfortable lifestyle when we finish working. Whatever your retirement goals may be our financial advise has you covered. From managing your superannuation to maximise tax concessions and investment opportunities, investment portfolios including property, shares and manged funds to your personal savings; making sure you’ve got money ready for whatever comes up. 

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